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Founded in 2002 Orbrio Solutions Ltd., trading as

Orb Computers

is the IT Company for small to medium enterprises.

Our aim is to make the
Full Value of our Experience and Training
available to you for running your business.

This can be anything ....
from run-of-the-mill "Break and fix" repairs to installing new networks,
from designing your website to helping with email marketing,
from installing new servers to rolling out a new phone system.

Centrally based in Gort, Co. Galway our area covers everything between Killarney to Sligo and east as far as Athlone. That includes Galway, Shannon, Limerick, Ennis.

We want to get to know your business so that when you call us looking for advice we can understand where you are coming from - we can provide you with the information you are looking for.

Orb Computers

based in Gort, Co. Galway and serving Ennis, Galway, Shannon, Limerick, Athlone, Killarney and Sligo is proud to present some recent examples of our work.
Cosyhome heating also known as Cosyhomeheating.ie online ordering of heating oil designed by Orb Computers in Galway Cosyhome Heating is a company selling Heating Oil, Kerosene, Deisel in Galway, Donegal, Mayo, Roscommon & Sligo. They needed a site to benefit the growing online ordering business.
NewtownOakHouse is a Holiday Home in Rathmullan, Co. Donegal. The client requested a simple to use and visually pleasing website. NewtownOakHouse Donegal Holiday Home designed by Orb Computers
NewCarSavings selling new cars Cheaper designed by Orb Computers NewCarSavings of Briar Hill in Galway contracted Orb Computers to help them with Support and Development on their existing Joomla! based site. We also assisted with SEO and pay-per-click campaigns.
Quantum3 is a catalogue website which showcases the products and applications of a manufacturing company based in Ireland and shipping into UK and Europe. Quantum3 Profiles Connectors Accessories designed by Orb Computers
PrimaDebt.ie designed by Orb Computers Primadebt is a Debt Management Company who service clients wishing to consolidate their outgoings and make them more manageable.
Jobster.ie is a website which offers an opportunity for employers and prospective employees to make contact in the recruitment process. jobster.ie designed by Orb Computers
TakeAwayFood.ie designed by Orb Computers takeAwayFood.ie is a portal for all the take away food outlets in Ireland.
UrbanHaven.ie is a brochure site for an ethnic furniture importer. urbanHaven.ie designed by Orb Computers
Solution Equipment.ie designed by Orb Computers SolutionEquipment.com is a manufacturing company based in Killaloe.
Other development work includes developing private web-based information systems to allow companies to interact with their partners.

As with everything we do we focus on bringing value to the table when we work with you.

We discuss things such as :
  • the expectations you have for your website,
  • what is your plan for Return on Investment,
  • how do you want to promote your website,
  • what are your plans for freshening it up over time.

We feel, that for the web to succeed for you it is in your best interest to
be as informed as possible.

While reliable hardware is essential to the running of a modern business,
it is with software that the real productivity gains are to be made.

Orb Computers

are here to help you to continuously improve in this area. We are expert in both "off-the-shelf" business products as well as creating custom software.

Off-the-shelf software solutions (e.g. accounts, security, anti-virus protection) can bring a lot of business benefits at very low costs. This is the first port-of-call when solving a business issue. With well-chosen products there are low acquisition, training and support costs.

There is often a situation where businesses outgrow the packaged products - or there is a particular requirement to have software supplement the functionality that comes "out of the box". Orb Computers have been designing such solutions for many sectors such as the manufacturing, telecomms and financial industries. The key to our success in this area is getting the investigation and specification phases right first time. This helps to keep design time and subsequent phases (testing, implementation, etc) to a minimum and should ensure "buy in" from all the relevant stakeholders.

Orb Computers

can be your hardware partner in two key areas, as your needs arise:

Firstly, we can support your existing hardware infrastructure providing either contractual or pay-as-you-go support. Our low actual hourly costs as well as our deep experience means that we represent a very cost-effective solution for you in this area.

Secondly, we can source, supply, implement your new hardware for you. We are not tied to a limited supply source or brand so we shop around for you on your behalf.

Orb Computers

can provide onsite, remote or carry-in support
whatever suits you whenever you need it.

Remote: is possible when your PC has access to the internet. We install software that allows us to connect and see where your problem lies. The massive saving in being able to get instant help, solve the problem and move on is crucial in a fast paced industry. Typically, we can resolve the problem before most other support people have pulled out of the car-park.

Onsite: Sometimes the situation requires onsite help. Again, we provide personnel to visit you to work through the issues and staying on the job until it's successful conclusion.

Carry in: If it suits, you can drop off your problem hardware and we can troubleshoot and fix it in our own premises.